Veterinary Management System

Veterinary Management System

Highlights τoυ Vetplatform


Quick and easy registration of all customers. So that you have gathered all the necessary information in a single file. From the contact details of the guardian, the type and number of pets to the actions that have already been done or are planned. Equally easy to search the platform files.


Your daily valuable agenda. Schedule and record all appointments and visits, with list by hour, day, week and month. And with the possibility of voice recording of calendar events, through the speech recognition process.

Animal medical history

Complete records of the animal medical history. Filing of laboratory tests, vaccines, imaging tests and surgeries but also potential allergies to specific medications. Ability to send all data directly to the pet owner via email. Easy recording through the speech recognition process.

Vet Workload

In a single screen the vetplatform provides the set of actions for each event. The most modern and accurate way for the veterinarian to know the sequence of medical procedures, pending and his next moves. With online information about what has preceded and accurate data for each incident, ongoing or already processed.

Send medical history and files to the pet owner

A unique feature. The information for any medical operation, examination or surgery goes, in real time, to the pet owner, online and without delays and unnecessary actions. Convenience in handling, sending data with a single click, complete record updating foreach incident, for the vet and pet owner.

Send reminders to the owner

SMS - When is the next vaccination or the next visit to the vet? What does the pet need? What follows an operation? When is a new prescription required? Vet Platform provides the automated reminders , by email and / or by SMS. Save time get organiized. Also send group messages for holidays, urgent announcements, information for the veterinary clinic, etc.

Clinic Statistics

The strength of a well-organized veterinary clinic, at all times,woth teh veterinarian being in touch with all the incidents he handles. He collects data and has full knowledge of his work, monitors every incident and informs thepat owners. At the same time, through data review and observation, he expands his knowledge as well as the flow of his clientele.

Electronic prescriptions

With the capabilities provided by the Vet Platform - the veterinarian prescribes the pet medication online. At the same time, he updates his file with possible renewals or treatment repetition and possible allergies etc., for each pet.

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